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Relational Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Relational Psychotherapeutic Counselling

As human beings, it is our closest relationships which are at the heart of our mental wellbeing. It has been proven that without close relationships with other human beings, we cannot thrive, or as babies, even survive. Our brains need contact with others, our existence as independent human beings depends on relationships, on a relational source of being.

Relational Counselling focuses on the relationship and trust that is generated between the client and therapist.

It is this relationship between the client and therapist that provides the space for the client’s awareness to grow and for change to become possible.

We see the underlying processes of psychological growth as occurring in relationships which are mutually empathic and mutually empowering. This includes five beneficial components:


An increased sense of zest or well-being that comes with feeling connected to others.


The motivation and ability to act right in the relationship as well as beyond it.


An increased knowledge about oneself and the other person(s).


An increased sense of self-worth.


A desire for more connection beyond this particular one.

From this understanding of human development, it follows that for the best outcomes in psychotherapeutic counselling, a relationship of trust with a strong therapeutic alliance between client and therapist is required. These, alongside an empathic and congruent approach from the therapist are key to successful therapy.

The relationally centred therapist needs to have awareness of their client’s process, their own process and the nature of the relationship between in order to provide the most effective therapy. Using the relationship as the third element, this can be explored as an example of how the client relates in their relationships outside the therapy room.

Paula Haigh - Counsellor

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