We take your privacy seriously.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Why do we collect personal data and why is it important?

Every individual is unique, and to understand and assist you effectively, we will require some basic information. This includes your name, age, date of birth, details of your relationships and family, occupation, any relevant medical conditions related to counselling, prescribed medication, and your counselling history. This information serves as a foundation for building a meaningful therapeutic relationship with you.

Moreover, your address, email address, and phone number are crucial for communication purposes. We will primarily use the contact method you initially provided, but if necessary, we may reach out to you through alternate means. In case we have concerns about your well-being, we may need to contact your doctor; however, we will always strive to discuss this with you beforehand, ensuring transparency and trust in our therapeutic journey.

How will I safeguard your information?

When it comes to storing your data, I take every precaution to ensure its utmost security and confidentiality. Here’s how:

Physical Records – For important documents like written notes, contact sheets, contracts, assessment records, brief session notes, GDPR agreements, and client codes, I keep them securely in a well-protected physical storage.

Secure Communication – Your contact telephone number is stored in a passcode-protected smartphone, allowing me to reach you promptly in case of emergencies.

Email/SMS Protection – Rest assured, your email address and any correspondence we have will be stored securely in my password-protected email account. Currently, I use Gmail, which provides an added layer of security.

Website Security – I prioritize your privacy, and that’s why none of your personal information is stored on my website. You can browse and explore without any worries.

How long will do we retain and securely dispose of your data?

We understand the importance of safeguarding your information. We will retain your session notes, name, and unique code for a period of 5 years. Rest assured, your privacy consent document and registration/contract form, containing your personal details, will be shredded within 1 month after our collaboration concludes. Additionally, your phone number will be removed from my mobile phone 2 months after our sessions finish. All emails exchanged between you and the counsellor will be promptly deleted once they are no longer necessary, ensuring your confidentiality is upheld for at least 1 month after we finish working together.

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